Popular SUO MARTE modules

SUO MARTE modules are made to help you, your organization and your specific situation. The following modules however are a proven foundation and give you some clues about the basics of our way of working.

Module “The customer in your hand”. This module is for Sales and it shows the whole Sales cycle from the beginning up to and including the closure of the deal.

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Module “Saying NO, while keeping the relationship” is a basic module for all people who have to communicate with both internal and external customers and sometimes have to say NO. This can be for many reasons. Fact is that after this NO, you have to continue  the relationship with  this person and this has to be done in empatically, but in a professional way.


Model C5. This model is for the manager who wants to stay in the driver seat, even when the going gets tough and other people play it hard. It describes the phases Contact, Commitment, Correction, Conflict and Consequences in a very clear and solid way.


Model “The funnel of questions” is also a basic module for everyone who has customer contacts. It helps people to get a good analysis in a short time and …in a friendly, but professional way. This is a MUST for all people!

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